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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Lady or the Tiger?

(Adapted from a novel written by Frank R. Stockton)



In a kingdom far-far away, lived a mean king who had a very uncommon way to punish people whom he considered guilty. He would give what he called open trial. He sent the man to an arena which had two locked identical doors inside. Behind one door was a very fierce and hungry tiger which would tear him apart, while behind the other one was a beautiful lady whom he had to marry. No one knew which had what so his destiny would be decided by his own choice. If he was lucky he would get the lady and on the contrary he would end up in the claws of the tiger if he was not


The king had a very beautiful daughter. The princess happened to fall in love with a dashing and handsome young man from peasant class and he was also deeply in love with the princess. They had secret relationship since the king would not let it. But at last he found the forbidden romance and soon the man was sent to the trial. With the power that she had the princess finally found out the secret behind the doors.

There were so many people coming to the arena on the trial day because they were very curious to know what would happen to that young man. The king was already seated on the podium with his beautiful princess beside her. Her face was so pale and she never left her eyes from her man. The young man was inside the arena. He faced two doors in front of him. He looked so confident when he walked closer to the doors. When it was the time for him to make his choice,  he took a glance to the face of his lady then to her pointed finger  which secretly gave the sign to which door to open. Without giving the second thought he opened the door and there came the lady, or the tiger…..?

Quiz time!

We will give some cool prizes to three winners who can give interesting opinions supported by reasons whether the lady or the tiger that would come out from the door.

Your opinions must be submitted to us no later than May 31st, 2018. 






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