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Monday, 23 April 2018

Do you love traveling? Or maybe you’re planning for your next vacation? Why don’t you try these things for you next trip?


Find Cheap Tickets!


Airlines and travel websites give you discounts or promotion from time to time, but why don’t you try to  find cheap tickets by using Skyscanner? This website will find any possible tickets and flight route for your flight. Later you can filter the options based on price, transit options, airlines, and others. After you choose your desired flight options, you will be directed to the airlines’ website or travel website to buy the tickets.

Travel Fairs

Travel fairs can also be another way to buy cheap tickets. Usually some airlines and banks, local or international, like to hold travel fair in malls. Here you can find special promotion for many kinds of destination.


Try Unique Accommodations Around The World!

Bored with your usual hotels? Try these websites to find a unique staying experience for your holiday!


Airbnb is an American company that allows people to rent a house or an apartment for a short-time. With this platform, you can choose many kinds of place to stay during your vacation; a small, clean studio apartment, or even a luxurious villa with swimming pool!


Couchsurfing is a website where you can find accomodation for your vacation. It’s almost similar to Airbnb; you will stay in an apartment, house, or even share a room with your host! However, with Couchsurfing, you can stay for free! You can even interact with the locals; your host will act as your guide during your stay and introduce you to the city through the locals’ eyes, making your vacation experience memorable. As a way to pay the host, you must then leave a review telling your experience so that your host’s rating will go up.


Pack Your Belongings Efficiently!

Always having trouble to pack your clothes and other stuff whenever you’re traveling? Try these simple tricks next time you’re going for a vacation!

Roll, Don’t Fold

To save up some space in your suitcase, try to roll your clothes instead of fold. Not only it can save some space, it can also save your time in packing. It can also give you a chance to stuff more clothes in your suitcase.

Pack Based On Outfit Coordination

Pack your clothes based on outfit coordination to avoid messy suitcase. For example, if you’re going to spend 5 days for your vacation, arrange 5 outfit for each day; shirt and jeans for the first day, T-shirt and short for the second day, and so on. It will save you from rearranging your suitcase because you are confused on which clothes you should wear that day. Don’t forget to pack your sleepwear, too!

Use Packing Cubes

For those of you who love organizing your clothes, try to use packing cubes. You can put your clothes (roll or fold - up to you!) in these small bags and categorize it according to your taste. You can categorize them based on kinds of clothes (pants, shirts, T-shirts), occasions (sightseeing, lunch, business meeting), or even days (day one, day two, day three)!


Hopefully, these tricks will help you for your next trip. Happy holiday!





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