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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Students often ask the “secret” tips to learn English faster. Sometimes, they tend to see that teachers are magicians who can simply transfer their knowledge to the students through some weird rituals overnight. Sadly, this is not true (I wish it were). The truth is that English is a language and learning a language will need time and practice. There is no magic here (sadly).

I repeat “Time and Practice”. Those are all you need to master a language. Now, if you have the time and if you really want to study English and master it, we would love to show you the way. Here are some websites where you can spend your spare time on to learn more about English and practice it at home.

1. Play Games and Learn English


This is one of the best free websites/apps for those who want to study English (and other languages) independently. This website is gaining more and more attention as highly positive feedback from users around the world flows in. Very friendly interface with an owl mascot called “Duo” and a language learning system full of points, rewards, badges and praise. The best thing is that Duolinggo is also available as an app so you can simply install it in your cellphones meaning you can learn English everywhere.


Lyrics Training
If you like music and have been learning a lot of English from songs, you’ll love this website. You find a song and your level and you play the song. You must fill in the missing words, depending on your chosen level, where 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% of the words are missing. It’s perfect for your listening skills as they don’t let you listen further until you guess the word correctly (you do have an option to click the “Give up” button though).

2. Youtube channels


Mr Duncan
( Funniest English Teacher Online )
Well, if you like watching videos on Youtube, I suggest that you visit this channel. Mr. Duncan is an online English teacher famous for his educative video series. He has over 50 million views. he has kept his videos fun, highly educative and professional for many years.


Easy English
( Learning Languages from the Street )
A small section at a much bigger “Easy Languages” Youtube channel which promotes learning languages without coursebooks, socially, from people in the streets. At the moment there are 16 videos 3 – 5 min long, all subtitled and all very enjoyable to watch. Real people with different accents answering questions like “What do you like about your city”, “How is the nightlife here?”, “What are the people in your city like?”. Watch the one from London. Most of them are from England and there is one from NYC. A very promising project!

3. Useful resources

British Council
British Council represents the highest quality when it comes to language teaching. This website offers many podcasts from categories such as “Elementary podcasts”, “UK Culture” or “How to videos”. It has it all: before/while reading activities, transcript and a lot of vocabulary and listening exercises that you can do on your computer while you listen or watch, or print out and do when you want.


Test Your English
( Vocabulary test )
Vocabulary is an essential part in learning a language. The more you know words, the easier for you to express ideas. This website provides you with many sets of vocabulary tests. Take this vocabulary test and find out your score and a description of your level in comparison with native speakers and speakers around the world.
( Words in context )
You need to learn words in context. Not from a notebook with lists full of unrelated words but on flashcards/post-it notes with example sentences. But where do you find such example sentences? You can go to a dictionary OR you can use! The web application lists hundreds of sentences from New York Times, The Economist, CNN and other news sources to show how words and phrases are used in real language.


TIP: Use the filter on the right to choose whether your word appears at the beginning or the end of the sentence (Rule) or in which tense (Tense) and context it’s used (Context). And you can scroll down to find the word’s synonyms. Everything in one place!

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